Recycled Steel

TM-Rauta LTD has over 30 years of experience in the refining recycled steel (scrap metal). The company has hundreds of recycling containers (pallets, etc.) in customer locations around Finland. The metal scrap is sorted and crushed for reuse according to composition and usage. Scrap metal reception and treatment facilities are located in Parkano and Ala-Veteli at their separate locations.

The processing of scrap metal in its own locations follows the environmental management system in accordance with the quality and environmental requirements of the Industrial Scarp Cooperative and Foundry Cooperative. The system is based on the environmental standard ISO 14001 where applicable.

As professionals in the field of metal recycling and secondary refining, we serve our customers throughout Finland using our own transport equipment. Contact us for more information on metal recycling!

Scrap metal retrieval and crushing

Scrap metal warehousing

Interchangeable containers and crates

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