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TM-Rauta has a large warehouse contains steel products from major domestic and European steel mills. Products are stored with good logistic availability in Parkano, Finland. We also supply steel directly from mills as project sales.

Recycled metals

Recycled metals are handled at our separate Parkano facility. As professionals of metal recycling and secondary raw material processing we serve our customers everywhere in Finland. Contact us for more information on metal recycling!


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Hot rolled beams
Merchant bars

Merchant bars are meant for steel constructs and to be used in locations where a certain level of structural strength is necessary. Our stock holds rounded, squared and rectangle profiled beams.

» Unequal angle bars
» Equal angle bars
» T-bars
» Flat bars
» Square bars
» Round bars
» Cold drawn round bars
» Crane rails

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Cold formed steel profiles
Field fences

» Mobile fence

» Mobile fence gates – Sliding and round gates for construction site fences are delivered from the factory.

» Fence panels

» Other fence types and gates (vehicle, sliding etc.) are delivered from the factory

» Field fences

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Recycled steel

»Recycled steel

  • Scrap metal retrieval and crushing
  • Scrap metal warehousing
  • Interchangeable containers and crates

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Reinforcing steel

Hot-rolled SFS certified rebars for concrete constructors.
(A500 HW SFS 1215 dia)

Measurement kg/m
6 mm 0,24
8 mm 0,43
10 mm 0,66
12 mm 0,93
16 mm 1,63
20 mm 2,55
25 mm 3,97
32 mm 6,50

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