Comparison of Material Standards

101421014217162A 653
DX51+Z Fe P02 G Z 14 11 51 St 02Z CS Type B (Commercial Steel Type B)
DX52+Z Fe P03 G Z 14 11 52 St 03Z FS Type B (Forming Steel Type B)
DX53+Z Fe P05 G Z 14 11 57 St 05Z DDS (Deep Drawing Steel
DX54+Z Fe P06 G Z
DX56+Z EDDS (Extra Deep Drawing Steel)

1) Obsolete, replaced by EN Standards. Originals must be used in detailed comparison.

Mechanical Quality

Yield strengthTensile strengthElongation at break
RpRm A80
N/mm2 N/mm2minimumn %
DX51+Z 270…500 22
DX52+Z 140…300 270…420 26
DX53+Z 140…260 270…380 30
DX54+Z 140…220 270…350 36
DX56+Z 120…180 270…350 39

Coating pattern

SFS-EN 10142 SS 14XXXX 1) DIN17162 1) ASTM A 653

Small-patterned coating marked with M.

E.g. DX51D+Z275MAC

Regular surface quality (A)
small irregularities, size variations of the crystallization pattern, dark spots, small cavities, lineal markings and slight passivation solution stains are allowed. Transverse yield lines or zinc casting traces that may occur in tension leveling are acceptable.

Demanding surface quality (B)
is produced with post-rolling. Minor surface defects such as transverse yield lines, post-rolling marks, scratches, dents, floral patterns, zinc casting traces, and slight passivation solution stains are acceptable for this surface quality.

High-demanding surface quality (C) is produced with post-rolling. The surface with the higher quality is not allowed to disrupt the uniform appearance of a demanding painted surface. The lower quality surface corresponds at least to surface quality B.

Chemical passivation (C) Unless otherwise agreed, the hot-dip galvanized sheet is subjected to a passivation treatment in the manufacturing line (marked C), leaving a thin passivation layer on the surface of the band. Its purpose is to prevent the formation of white rust during transport and storage. However, the protection provided by the layer is not sufficient in all circumstances.

Chemical passivation and oiling (CO) If needed, chemical passivation and oiling can be used together (marked CO).

Organic passivation (S) The surface can also be protected by organic passivation AFP (Anti Finger Print) / Easy Film, where the sheet is coated with a polymeric film containing corrosion-retardant substances (marked S).

Untreated (U) The surface may also be left unprotected (marked U) at the responsibility of the buyer.